Additional two Nomane translation co-workers have expressed their commitment to devote themselves to prayer and consistent work. They have renounced many hours of sleep this month to help complete the translation of the Jesus Film script into Kewo-Meba.


Three among the Nomane attend training at the Ukarumpa missionary center. They will be involved in the exegetical checking of translated text into Kewo-Meba. This accelerates the translation work and marks them as leaders among their own.
We would like to see the same progress with the Meine.


The quality  and exegesis of the Kewo-Meba translation of the Book of Luke is ongoing. It is a tedious process, due to the geographical distance between Corina and the Nomane team and the difficulties related to working remotely, with limited communication with Papua New Guinea.



The Nomane team has completed the translation of the Book of Luke into Kewo-Meba and Meine. The draft is circulated in all villages belonging to these language goups and read to villagers to verify their understanding.


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