There was a big earthquake in Papua New Guinea, followed by hundreds of aftermaths, causing massive landslides, damages to homes and gardens, infrastructure and leaving many displaced and in need of food, clean water and medical attention.
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Current and ongoing
Stand up against sorcery and accusations of sorcery and all deeds of darkness as we share the Word of God and bear testimony together with the Spirit of Truth.

2022 – Quarter 1
A place for Corina to stay in Nomane. Since  waspapa Jacob died, and his family was dispersed in the neighboring language groups, the Nomane co-workers have been praying to the Lord, and reasoning with the villagers in the 24 Nomane villages, to decide who will “claim” Corina as protected part of their household. It is not customary, or wise, or safe, for a single woman to live by herself.

We are grateful for Audio Bible players for the Nomane people in Papua New Guinea. These audio Bibles brought the Scriptures to life in their heart language.  As literacy is growing slowly and many still primarily share important information orally, making the Scriptures audibly accessible to the people remains the most effective way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they may hear and believe.

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